Is possible to turn a smartphone in an Arduino

Hello everybody, I'm new in this forum and in Arduino world too. But I would learn lots of thing so: I have an old smartphone. It is "broken" there are many virus in there, I tried to do everything to give it new life but it's impossible. I decided to disassemble it and I taught "it should be very cute if I would turn this phone into an Arduino or somehing similar", I tryed to find something on internet but I haven't found anything so here I'm. You think is it possible to turn a smartphone into an Arduino.

I doubt a smartphone has an ATMEGA 328P or 2560 chip in it. I don't know about the sam boards, but I still bet that they are different chips. So while you might be able to make something cool, you certainly can't make an Arduino. You don't have the right chips. The chips you have are most likely far more powerful than an Arduino.

Nope. Unfortunately it's also not worth the time to harvest the parts from the phone other than an LCD display if it's an older phone. Most components in a smartphone are proprietary so you wouldn't be able to interface with them with an arduino.