Is possible use Macro F() with Integer and Other types of variable?

I have a sketch that is using very memory RAM of my Atmega2560 (is a giant project), and i need use various "println" because i have a TFT screen and i need to show data on the screen to user see. So, i'm using macro F() to use less RAM memory (example: Serial.println("Hi Naruto-kun") to Serial.println(F("Hi Naruto-kun")).
But, it only work if the data entered in F() were to Const String, when i need, by example, show a array of integers, nothing work.


This do not work because mediaTotPg is a Integer Array and the errors returned are:

" #define F(string_literal) (reinterpret_cast(PSTR(string_literal))) "

Finally, is possible show integers not const with Macro F()?

No, F() is for cStrings

If you have a constant array, use PROGMEM (and if it’s not constant then you need to have it in SRAM)