Is receiving SMS messages in the UK free?


I'm about to embark on my first project using GSM. My requirements are quite simple: I just want the Arduino to receive SMS messages then act based on what was in the message. I won't need to send messages, make calls, or send/receive data over the phone network.

I'm in the UK and wondering about the sim card. If I order a free PAYG sim from Vodafone and never top up, will I be able to receive SMS messages at any point in the future without ever paying?

Ypu will have to register SIM somehow I use Tesco 99p Sims in a phone to register on free call number.

Then all incoming SMS are totally free but if SIM does not make call or top up iN 6 months it is deleted frm Cell network...

Happy Coding 8) 8) 8)

Thanks - that's very helpful.

If I top-up a minimal amount, say £5, do you think I'd still get kicked off the network after six months?

I could just call one of the networks and explain what I'm doing, but I think that may result in even greater confusion!

Why bother trying to do that? If a text costs 20p to send (and mine only cost 12p), sending one every quarter your initial top up will still last just over six years!

Tesco texts to a registered number, you do that through WEB site cost 5p

So one every few months will see your first top up forever..

Receiving an SMS is normally free in the UK if sent from a UK mobile phone network provider. If you send texts to a UK phone from other countries then it [u]may[/u] cost you money to receive them.

After July 1 the EU is standardising the inter country costs..