Is remotely configuring a device for IoT Cloud possible?

Afternoon All,

Apologies if this has been covered already or if it's explicitly a no-no, but couldn't find any details on the matter.

At the moment when linking a device to my IoT Cloud the device needs to be first connected to the same PC, then a sketch is populated and uploaded to the device, which then enables the interaction between device and cloud.

I currently have a device running a sketch which is already receiving variable info such as temp etc; the problem is this device is miles away, is there anyway to edit the sketch to connect to my IoT without the need for the initial interaction between PC and device?

I hope the above is clear, if not then please feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best, I am a tinkerer not a developer so I learn what I need, hence my knowledge of the bigger picture can be somewhat blurred.

Thanks in Advance.

I think what you're referring too is the OTA (Over The Air) functionality, and I was hoping this would be possible for my ESP8266 devices. But it seems it's limited to, I think, only 2 or so supported devices. Of which isn't clear when you read about the functionality of IoT Cloud paid services.

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