Is sending multi-byte response by ATTIny85 slave over I2C possible?

Hello, I tried to find ATTiny/I2C library to be able to send more than 1 byte over I2C from ATTiny85 slave in a single packet transmission ( in telco jargon a packet starts with request and ends with ACK) but did not find such. I decided to ask here on this forum whether it is truly so ? Or did I miss something?
TinyWireS.h library works fine with only single byte returned to the master and I can request multiple requests by the Master only to get a single voltage measurement... I know this will work ... but this is quite ugly coding...
I am sure there are a lot of projects done with Tiny being a measuring device and it's measurement typically 2 bytes (10bit ADC).
I'd appreciate if somebody points out to me that hopefully there is a library allowing to send 2 or more bytes as a response to a single requestFrom()
Unless ATTiny AVR chip itself does not allow more than 1 byte from the slave :frowning: then of cause any "candy wrapper" around this limitation would be meaningless...
Thanks in advance to everybody who knows this.