Is that possible to add a water sensor and servo motor into this circuit

I am planning to make an automatic rain water collector by adding a water sensor and servo motor into the circuit. When the water sensor detect the rain, the lid of the water tank will be opened by the servo motor and when there is no rain, the lid will be closed. The circuit below is used to fill the tank when the rain collected is below x cm. The water pump will be connected to the faucet. Is there any way to make it happen?

Here is my diagram

I guess you may have to connect a "rain detection" sensor to your project.
if (raining) openTank(); else closeTank();
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Remove that PP3 from the circuit.
Please post real schematics.

You prefer that colour? :astonished:

Mistyping corrected now...

you have a great idea. when there is rain the servo motor triggers the lid to open. and when the rain stops the servo motor trigger the lid to close. there is also a condition run which checks the water level. which can control the water pump according to a particular water level.

I am attaching an article for reference which help you more.
water level with pump control.

Do you mean like this? Sorry if I get this wrong because to be honest I am really bad at those technology things and I have never draw a schematic diagram before.

Thanks for your advice

Thank you I will check this out

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I suggest You to drop that PP3 battery. I don' t think it gives current enough. Use 6 AA at least.

It's a moot point.

Do people just use that icon in Fritzing because it is the default representation of "a battery" and the more correct ones (I do recall other options) are difficult to find? :roll_eyes:

Those PP3 presented so often is like a plague, the grasshoppers in biblical Egypt....

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