Is the 1.77" arduino LCD display just died ?

Hello everybody,

I just ordered and received my first arduino LCD display (

And when I tried to linked it to an Ueno, whith a database example, it just do not work.
I took a picture, so can somebody tell me if this screen is just dead ?

Thank you

I think it is not dead, that looks more like poor initialising or incorrect wiring. You are going to have to provide more details, such as what arduino board, how you have wired the display to the arduino, and also what code you have used.



Hi ghlawrence2000,

thank you for the quick answer.

Actually, you were right. We uploaded the last version of Arduino software, and now it works... It seems that the old library doest not work with this hardware.

So if anyone encounter the same issue, think about updating the last version..

Sorry for unconvienence.

Thank you,