Is the 34-pin 3.2 TFT LCD Screen compatible with a 40-pin shield?

Is there a way to use the 40-pin TFT LCD Mega Shield V2.2 with a 34-pin 3.2 TFT LCD Module?

Yes, connect with a LOT of jumper wires. Just like spaghetti.

Personally, I think you will end up with a tangled mess.

If you were to buy a Due and a Protoshield, you could solder a 17x2 socket to receive the display.
Connect the 17x2 to the 18x2 and 3x2 SPI headers by soldering thin wires. This will be physically strong and electrically reliable Protoshield Adapter.
You would not need any level shifters when you use a Due.

Obviously you could mount level shifters on the Protoshield if you wanted to use a Mega.

As far as I know, there are no commercial 34-pin Adapter Shields.