Is the Arduino Due fully compatible with Ethernet Shield?

Hi guys,
I'm a beginner and I have a short question about the Ethernet shield. Up to now I worked on the Arduino Ethernet that has the Ethernet module embedded on the 8 bit MCU. I really enjoyed myself, but I filled the flash memory and the sram in few time.

Now, I would like to upgrade my project to the Arduino Due (32 bit MCU). As far as I know, the Ethernet Shield Rev 3 should be compatible with this board. Can you confirm this? Did you try to do a project like this? Something to know?
How the Due board and the Ethernet shield communicate? SPI?

My goal is to run the Arduino Ethernet WebServer (or WebDuino maybe) to build something like a configurator and then I want to drive some external device and read some input.
Are the reference library and example good for Arduino Due?

Thank you in advance

According to this it is: Arduino Forum