Is the ATmegaBOOT_168.hex a real Booth Loader?

I did post for help about my original problem but nobody reply, so I try another approach:

  • I had a problem with the Arduino BT start-up after upload the Sniff mode, so I try to put back the Booth Loader (.hex) in hope it can be revised as before.

  • One technical support said that the: \arduino-0015\hardware\bootloaders\bt\ATmegaBOOT_168.hex is the same one when the Arduino BT was shipping ... can anyone confirm it? Because I did use ARV Studio 4.13 to program in the Flash (Atmega168), but it still can not work as before!

If someone knows the original ATmegaBOOT_168.hex please provide.

Thank in-advanced :-/

You will need to set the correct fuses.

See :)

I did setup exactly as the link before (& now), the LED at pin #13 flashing at every several seconds as suggested but the Arduino BT still can not being uploaded through Blue Tooth Dongle

*) If I use Arduino BT connected with the AVRISPmkII In-System Programmer through ICSP Jtag, with Arduino Alpha 0014 (or 0015) … how I change in Preferent.txt (& any thing else) in order to use ToolsBurn Loader → with w/ AVR mkII without using AVR Studio? Please provide detail how to do it.

Many thanks for help :-/