Is the book for The Arduino Starter Kit wrong?

I noticed that when I tried to follow a project in the Arduino Starter Kit booklet (Crystal Ball) After I did everything correctly, my circuit did not work. I then followed the video tutorial for the same project on the Arduino YouTube channel, and the layout of the wires was completely different. The circuit in the video actually worked for me. Is the project in the booklet wrong?

Post a scan/photo of the page. I have never seen a starter kit for Arduino.

Books or any source can have errors.

Using multiple sources can help you see this, good idea you had.

Try to start recognizing the basic patterns of programming and circuit wiring - you will arrive at a time when you can spot an obvious error.

Blindly following fixed instructions without some skepticism is fraught.


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It’s not a good idea to follow wire pictures. Better follow the text and connect the given pins and components, one by one.

Many components come in different shape, like my tilt switch has 4 pins on one side. Also the button orientation is hard to determine, and it tends to pop out my breadboard, had less problems on a different breadboard.

Try to build and check every step of your circuit with a test program or debug output. Also learn how to check signals with a DVM or a LED and resistor. Helping yourself is essential for both coding and building circuits in the long term.

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