is the bootloader corrupt

I am using a uno r3 with the atmega328p-pu chip. the yellow led on pin 13 is on constantly. I have reset the board but it comes back on. I uploaded the fade sheath and it uploads ok, but the program will not run. Does this mean there is a problem with the bootloader?

That you can upload shows that the bootloader js fine. Yet you say that the pin13 led is stick on and doesnt turn off, not even for the triple blink when you press reset?

That is a hardware problem - either pin13 itself, or the dual opamp used to buffer pin 13 so the led doesnt load it down and for the power supply switching is blown. Both can be caused by abusing it electrically - the opamp normally blows from abuse involving the power rails, blown pin from drawing excessive current from a pin or connecting external voltage to a pin when device is not powered, or when the applied voltage is higher than vcc pr lower than ground.

Also, the board is a clone, right? With a ch340g pr cp2102 serial adapter, not the 16u2? Usually the sort of electrical abuse that causes damage like that will also take out the 16u2 on genuine boards.

if that is the case, is there a repair i can do? or further checks to prove what is actually the issue

What is "the fade sheath"?