Is the Bridge dead?

Hi. I had been having quite a bit of success with my Yun until recently. I'm not sure what I did, but any sketch with Bridge.begin() will not execute correctly now. I am able to run python programs manually with a serial connection, but can't invoke them from compiled C code. I can use the Serial commands to display output if I don't invoke the Bridge. I never see an error, but my programs don't work after they hit the Bridge.begin() command now. I get no more output and no file read/writes, either. I tested a program (from the Arduino GUI) that sent HIGH to pin 13, then invoked the bridge, and sure enough, it stayed lit despite a call right afterward to send it LOW. What could I have done to the Bridge and how can I test it specifically?

Is your Yun upgraded to the latest version? If not please upgrade it and then try again