Is the C function kbhit() available for the Arduino

Is there an equivalent of the C function kbhit() for the Arduino?

This function?

This function is not defined as part of the ANSI C/C++ standard. It is generally used by Borland's family of compilers. It returns a non-zero integer if a key is in the keyboard buffer. It will not wait for a key to be pressed.

No. For one thing, there isn't a keyboard.

I was thinking of using a terminal program like Putty.exe instead of the serial monitor. I would like my program to loop continuously until I hit any key and then exit for example.

In those circumstances, Serial.available() is about the same as kbhit() Serial.available() returns a non-zero integer if a character has been received on the serial port. Putty and the IDE's "Serial Monitor" are equivalent; both would communicate with the arduino via the serial port.

I'll give Serial.available() a try. Thanks