Is the "Exhibition/Gallery" forum degrading?

I'm a grumpy old man, but lately I think the exhibition forum has degraded from being an actual exhibition, to simply being: "Click my external link, and generate traffic on my blog/webpage/youtube account".

Just a typical example:

Stuff that makes noisee :~ :~ :~ :~ :~

My new blog:
Arduino 99: First Project ---> Programmable SoundPlayer

Whatever is at the end of the link might be relevant, but It does nothing to make the forum more valuable.

IMHO it should be possible to get a reasonable idea of what is exhibited, by reading the post without clicking an external link.
(But having supplementary information somewhere else is OK).

I agree, there should be no reason to follow external links to see the project overview

I agree, too.

Here is a suggestion/inspiration on a sticky to replace the "How use this forum" sticky for the "Exhibition/Gallery" forum.

How to use the Exhibit/Gallery Section

This section is for showing off your constructed project. No project is too big or too small. A beginners "3x3x3LED cube" is as interesting as seasoned persons "humanoid robot that walks".

We prefer to see the pictures or videos of your project directly, ie not just a set of links.

[Instructions on a direct link to a YouTube video]

[Instructions on a direct link to a picture hosted on Picasa/...]

By all means include a link to the set of 50 pictures or list of videos you have, but do include 1-3 of your pictures directly in he post.

For the Software only projects - typically a new library - you can show where the library was used. You may consider describing the library on the Playground.

If you like you can include code, schematics, drawings and component lists, these are best included as a ZIP- attachment (or linked to your Blog or Website)

Do not ask questions, although you may get some feedback.