Is the LiquidCrystal library bloated enough?!?

I wrote a sketch that talks Modbus and connects to a 4x20 LCD from Lady Ada with the SPI interface on it. The sketch exploded by about 10KB.

Please tell me I've done something wrong. I'm running the code on an Uno and the sketch is just under 30KB right now. I'd like to put a bit more code in there ...

Interesting, here is what I saw:

The Hello World LiquidCrystal example that comes with 1.0 compiles to 2520 bytes.

I installed the lastest stuff from github:

Now Hello World compiles to: 5006 bytes

While Hello World SPI compiles to 5070 bytes

Hmmm. Lemme go rip out some other functions and see what I can directly attribute to LiquidCrystal and what is “other stuff”. I’m definitely seeing more than 5KB getting added over the typical Modbus device, but some of that could be other C library routines I don’t normally use.

Not like I’m not having any other problems – I’m using jamod on top of rxtx on the master side and apparently one or the other is causing the JVM to croak writing 20 character lines to the Arduino.

Okay, it looks like this was a perfect storm. I added better "firmware version reporting" in the Read Modbus Encapsulated Information response at the same time I added LiquidCrystal support. I used sprintf() to produce the firmware version string, which added its own giant pile of crud and I hadn't checked the size since adding sprintf() ...