Is the LoRa example LoRaDuplexCallback compatible or not with the MKRWAN1310?

In the example it says:

This example is not compatible with the Arduino MKR WAN 1300 board!

But in the last Github commit, the commit comment says:

LoRaDuplexCallback: Add support for Arduino MKR WAN 1300 boards (#105)

These two statements would seem to be mutually exclusive. Anyone know for sure? And why?

A little more information: In Arduino-LoRa.cpp the onReceive callback setting function is protected by


My guess is that this has to be modified to also exclude MKRWAN1310, and that the documentation needs to explain this a little better.

I believe that the commit comment that adds support for MKRWAN1310 to this example is in error, but I'm not certain yet.

Now the question is why does the calllback not work for MKRWAN1310.

I will dig further, but would appreciate any wisdom this forum might offer.