Is the MCS-96 family worth bothering with?

Having pulled the giblets out of quite a few old synthesizers in the past, I see things like the i8095 pop up quite a bit and after having poked around a datasheet I wondered if it might be worth learning a bit more about them.

As an example of what I was thinking about, I once got rid of (stupidly) a banged-up Roland S50 Sampler which was too wrecked to use. Acquired it for basically pocket change intending to restore it, but never did. Reading the service manual for it made me wish I'd kept it. I'd essentially have a complete single-board computer with bucketloads of RAM, FDD controller, TMS3556 display processor, and other goodies as well, with all the complicated things like address decoding logic already done for me and a lovely service manual for reference. The main cpu (or mcu, I suppose, more accurately) looked like a beast for it's time as well... the whole thing in general gives me the retro-horn. ]:smiley:

Do you guys think it'd be worth keeping an eye open for another pocket money piece of shit to pull apart and mess around with? Anyone know of any free tools for working with this processor family? I am currently googling in another tab but if someone already knows, that'd be great!

Not sure if this should've gone in device hacking or not... please move if appropriate :wink:

Nah, I don't believe that those are still sold, even.