Is the Nicla sense ME just a sensor?

hi, guys :slight_smile: I am a Y3 student who's focusing on FYP this year, and my project is Sensor-based human movement detection & classification. I've seen so many similar projects these days, but I do wanna have a go with this brand new Arduino board. Unfortunately, I am totally new to Arduino boards (only used Uno on simulation software before). Therefore, I am asking you guys, Arduino experts, that is Nicla sense ME programmable? (can achieve my objective) if not what else do I need? (any other Arduino boards)?

Anyone here can help? I have connected the H7 lite and Nicla boards trying to get data from Nicla sensors and ran the temperature example in the Arduino_BHY2host lib. But nothing showed up in the monitor and got the following warning:

WARNING: library Arduino_BHY2Host claims to run on samd, mbed architecture(s) and may be incompatible with your current board which runs on mbed_portenta architecture(s).

look at this post

also more details here

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Yet another programmable sensor device in search of a problem to solve.

The Arduino Nicla is a development board (like the Arduino Uno) and therefore like all development boards it is programmable and has pins to which you can connect sensors. Unlike the more "simple" Arduinos (like the Arduino Uno), the Nicla has several sensors and intergate functions like BLE, a pin for a lipo battery, a gas sensor (BME688) and -for movement detection- the BHI260AP, a 6 axis IMU (3-Axis Accelerometer + 3-Axis Gyroscope) and the BMM150, a magnetometer

I might need more than 4 IMU sensors for this project, so can I connect more sensors to this Arduino board? if not, which Arduino should I choose?

Of course you can. You have 10 digital pins, 2 analog, I2C and SPI pins to connect other sensors

Anyone knows How to export the data off the Arduino board into a SD card? what do I need to achieve this function? pls

here are some quick references you could consider

  • option 1: direct connection to sd card
    the board has SPI pins that could be used to communicate to a sd card, see the pinout

  • option 2: relay the sensor data to MKR board which has a SD card slot such as the Arduino MKR ZERO,

regarding the relayed connection to the MKR board, you could consider 2 options

  • option a: solder male headers to sides of the Nicla Sense board and plug it in to the MKR female headers, like depicted in page 4 of the pinout

  • option b: use the ESLOV cable (from the box)

There are examples on how to stream the data to the MKR board from:
GitHub - arduino/nicla-sense-me-fw: Arduino Nicla Sense ME resources (libraries, bootloader, host pc utilities),
specifically the Arduino_BHY2Host libraries and its examples.

If you want an easy way to install and update the Arduino_BHY2Host and Arduino_BHY2 libraries, you can now get them from Arduino Library Manager:

I have a new question now: How to connect Nicla sense me to H7 lite? Is the ESLOV cable in the box already? if not where can I buy it?

I wanna use these two boards to do motion recognition project, is there any guidance?

The Nicla can be plugged on top or bottom of any of the MKR form factor boards like a shield:


Even though the Portenta H7 Lite is not in the MKR boards family, it does use the MKR form factor and so this is one option for connecting the Nicla Sense ME and the Portenta H7 Lite.

Information about that here:

I don't know for sure, but I don't see it mentioned on the Nicla Sense ME product page, and I didn't received an Eslov cable with the other types of Arduino boards I bought that have an Eslov connector, so I would guess the answer is "no" but I might be wrong about that.

I don't see the Eslov cables for sale on the Arduino store, but fortunately this is not a proprietary connector. It is a standard JST SH 5P connector. So if you find that connector from any electronics component supplier then it will work on the Nicla. For example:
maybe easier to work with, but also maybe a less sure to be the right thing (I had that problem before when buying "JST" connectors from random sellers):

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