Is the Uno SMD reference available?

Schematic and Eagle brd file?


Thanks Mike, Umm where?

Did you look in the Hardware section of the Reference page?

Yes, the Uno is there but not the Uno Smd.

I know what the circuit should be with the tqfp pinouts, but I was looking for the actual reference design, as there was at least one or two minor circuit changes, I have heard anecdotally, between the UNO and and the UNO SMD.

The schematic on the hardware page is the UNO not the UNO SMD

Ah, didn't realize there was an arduino Uno version with SMD. I have been very happy buildng ProMini's int things, just using a deuemilanove for testing new portions of circuits, like checking out code with a shift register driving a new display type.

Yes, the SMD variant is the newest revision, to compensate for atmega328 dip shortages.

There have been some limited mentions of slight alterations in the circuit of this unit, so I was looking for the reference design for the specific UNO SMD versioning.

The version under hardware is the Original UNO reference schematic