Is there a all in one Lithium Battery solution?

I tried and failed to find a little board that can do this with a single LiPo/LiIo cell:

charge it
measure the capacity (fuel gauge)
protect it from under/over voltage/current
supply a regulated 3,3V or 5V output

There are plenty of chips available for one task alone, but before i try my luck at putting together such circuit i wanted to ask, has someone done something similar?

I doubt that there is a "all in one IC" out there, maybe someone has allready designed a small PCB that does all this.


I watched a youtube video recently from Adafruit, they have a board that charges and does DC-DC boost to 5V.
But here is comes: when the battery is too low, a led it turned on.
I don't understand that, there should be a pcb/pcm included with it to protect the battery. Perhaps if you use a battery with pcb inside combined with that Adafruit board, you have everything.

There are charge control chips. There fuel gage chips. There are boost converter chips. I don't think there are chips that do all 3 as one part.
Sparkfun sells all 3 on boards; charger, booster, fuel gage.
I have combined them into 1 board as custom designs (along with other parts).

This is the Adafruit board I mentioned :
They use indeed a battery cell with a safety circuit inside (PCB or PCM board or whatever it is called).
I think that covers everything.