Is there a Bi directional flex sensor (getting back and forth)?

Hello all! This is my first post in the community :slight_smile:

I am very new with all of this, and I am very happy that I am already playing here with my new Arduino nano BLE 33!

I found this kind of flex sensors that work very nicely to notice when the user bends something: BUT, I noticed they work without making any difference in the direction they are being bent.

I had a project in mind and was wondering if there is in the market some kind of bidirectional flex sensor, able to sense if the user flexed it back or forth. For instance, if there is a flex sensor that could send me a positive value when flexed in one direction and a negative value if it flexed in the other direction (back and forth).

Is there something like this? If not, what kind of sensor would you use for this kind of need? Also, homemade solutions are welcome!

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

I suspect a single sensor does not have enough dimension. It can only detect the stretching of the material. If you have two sensors and they are separated (in the bending dimension) on the bending material they should experience different stress. You could use that to figure out which way the object is bend.

To follow up on what Klaus wrote, you need to make two of the sensors. Fasten them to each side of a material such as thin fiberglass. Then connect them to similar circuits to two A/D pins on your Arduino.

The voltage on one will go up much faster than the other, depending on the direction of the bending. After that it is all software.



it's called a strain gage.