Is there a good way to control an led matrix?

Hello, I recently developed an iPhone app that allows customization for a 8x11 LED Matrix (instructables link), and one of the features is drawing cool animations when pressing a button. These animations are simple like a rainbow moving or just fade colors. Is there a program or something I can use to develop more complex animations like a Mario character jumping or Pac man animation. It doesn't have to be anything super cool but I've been using the same animations for a year. I just don't know how to code in FastLED well enough to make animations. Thank you.

Edit: maybe something like this youtube video(100Pixel RGB-LED Table - Interactiv (Touch-Sensor) - YouTube)

I didn't catch the meaning of "FastLED" but video is making with 30 pictures of 1 second.
I think arduino's speed is not that slow to do this.

and Does this is the project that planning?

Making LED matrix board and using animation that other people makes, or Making own animator then
transmit to arduino, it will be work.

I didn't catch the meaning of "FastLED"

There's a popular Arduino library for addressable LEDs named "FastLED":

I am still a rookie so sorry about any bad questions.. But pretty much the only good way is to make a bunch of pre-made pictures and store it on the Arduino nano? If so, how would I go about doing this? Make a variable with all the LEDs I want to be lit up and for example, delay every second and change the picture to the next variable?

Why don't you start by looking up the FastLED library and see what amazing things it's capable of.

Next: find the size of a 8x11, 24-bit RGB image, and compare that to the size of the Arduino's flash and RAM sizes (I'll make it easy on you: 264; 32k; 2k). You'll see that many of such animations are simply calculated on the fly.

By the way, as this are individually addressable LEDS it's not what's normally understood by "matrix".