Is there a group on this forum for Nicla Sense

I have just got a couple of Nicla Sense modules. I got the demos working, but I would be interested to see how everyone else is getting on. I am trying to get Quaternions sent over BLE from several sensors. Is anyone else working on a similar project?

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I have seen a few posts in the past week from other folks who just got started with their modules. Prior to that I had never heard of them. Try searching the forum.

I did try searching the forum. Other cards have specific groups.

I have got a few demos working, though i don't get the example Nicla as MKT shield working. I tried with the Eslov cable as well but no luck at all. It runs well with the web interface but I can't get the host controlled examples working.

I can get the Nicla Sense Me SensorXYZ example to work for the accelerometer and gyroscope but the SensorOrientation example gives constant values for pitch, roll and heading while being rotated. Where can I get help on this?