Is there a group on this forum for Nicla Sense

I have just got a couple of Nicla Sense modules. I got the demos working, but I would be interested to see how everyone else is getting on. I am trying to get Quaternions sent over BLE from several sensors. Is anyone else working on a similar project?

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I have seen a few posts in the past week from other folks who just got started with their modules. Prior to that I had never heard of them. Try searching the forum.

I did try searching the forum. Other cards have specific groups.

I have got a few demos working, though i don't get the example Nicla as MKT shield working. I tried with the Eslov cable as well but no luck at all. It runs well with the web interface but I can't get the host controlled examples working.

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I can get the Nicla Sense Me SensorXYZ example to work for the accelerometer and gyroscope but the SensorOrientation example gives constant values for pitch, roll and heading while being rotated. Where can I get help on this?

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Use this code:

#include "Arduino_BHY2.h"

  int rotx;
  int roty;
  int rotz;
  SensorOrientation orientation(43);
  void setup(){

  void loop(){

    rotx = orientation.pitch();

    roty = orientation.roll();

    rotz = orientation.heading();
    Serial.print(" ");
    Serial.print(" ");

The ID from the example may not be finished or incorrect. Here is the what the decimal ID means from the "SensorID.h" file.

  SENSOR_ID_ORI                      = 43,  /* Orientation */

The rotation is not absolute. When the board resets the position resets as well. I'm still trying to figure out how to calibrate the system so it is absolute.

@hditter any luck on getting the Nicla working as a MKR shield? I have had no luck with the Nicla using the ESLOV cable on both a Portenta and a MKR Wifi 1010. I've tried simple reading of accelerometer data and the host hangs.

It worked for me and is still running ever since I have applied the changes I have explained here in the forum. There were some new versions released of both, the host and the client libraries, so maybe my changes are no longer required. I am running the Nicla sense as a directly connected shield to the MKR wifi board. I have heard though, that if you run it through the cable connection, you probably need to test a different cable.

Thank you. I went the shield route and it works for me. It looks like the ESLOV cable that Arduino ships with the Nicla Sense ME is too long (by about 4x).

@hditter .... Ugh, noticing that the sampling rate with the shield is REALLY low (10 Hz vs 100 Hz with the Nicla as standalone). Are you seeing that as well?

I am not sure. I am using the Arduino cloud and refresh the variables only every 10sec. You can get to a maximum of 10 refresh cycles per second as per Arduino Cloud policy (irrespective of what board you use). I am using the sensor as a Homeassistant air quality sensor, measuring the AQI in our living room. In my deployment scenario, even the 10sec refresh rate is sufficient.

@jlutzwpi please don't create parallel discussions. These can waste the time of the helpers here on the forum.

Just make one post or topic about each distinct subject matter.

For example, you may well have gotten the answer here that the limit is imposed by the Arduino IoT Cloud system, not the Nicla itself. But the participants in the other two topics you posted won't know that and might waste a lot of time on investigating and writing a detailed reply.

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