is there a library for the RN-XV WiFly Module?

so, I was looking for some way to allow my device to be remotely controlled via a browser, or let it connect to the internet in some way, and I found this:

it seems to be a very cheap WiFi system, and since I own a shield witch has an Xbee socket, this seemed perfect. problem is, I don't think you can just use the Ethernet library with it. I did find this: but that seems to be for the shield version.

is there a library that is capable of this? also, I might need some HTML for the UI, as the code for the Ethernet may not work. thanks.

Yes, you can use that library, I did in my tutorial on the RN-XV:

Here's another tutorial that might help:

Hello there!

Has anyone managed to get this working properly ?

I had to modify the library itself to modify a few return types, and it does not seem to work fine at this moment. When I try to join a network (WEP) it does not work. If I create one with my HTC (WPA) it does not work as well and I get series of "$$$" ...