Is there a manual for the Arduino?

I'm new to Arduino, but not to microcontrollers. I've read through this thread, and was happy to learn about the video series - watched 2 so far and will probably watch the rest. My question is: Is there a manual for Arduino Uno that I can download and print off to study? There seems to be a lot of information that you can link to but it all seems scattered. If there is no manual, what is the best way for someone new to Arduino to get the basics. For example, I have found the list of commands, but what you seem to get is a link to the command you want to know more about - is there a document that describes all of the commands together, or do you have to gather them all together for yourself and then print them off. Picaxe, Parallax, Microchip, etc. all have instructions you can study, and I have studied and used their products. But with Arduino, so far I feel like I'm feeling around in the dark, looking for a clue here or there for more information. Any direction and advice will be most welcome. This is my first post on this forum. I think I'm going to like it and my arduino uno. Ted, in Lake City, Michigan, USA

This seems like a new question rather than a pointer to what to do before posting, so I have moved it to a new thread.

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tednturanski: If there is no manual, what is the best way for someone new to Arduino to get the basics.

The web site and Playground is pretty comprehensive. Personally I would work through some of the example sketches that come with the IDE. File menu -> Examples.

There are quite a few books about Arduino and programming exercises for them. Buy what you like.

If you have an Android or i phone you can download the arduino reference or arduino companion. I find them both very useful.

OK, thank you, Nick, for relocating my question. And for your answer. mhastie1234 - I don’t have either Android or I phone. PaulS - I will probably take your suggestion and get a book through the interlibrary loan.
Nick, - from your reply, I can see that Arduino info is more online and computer based than manual based. I’m not used to that, but I think it will be a learning experience for me picking up the info in this type of environment.
I did print out and read the 40 page “arduino programming notebook” by brian w. evans mentioned in the Playground, and that helped get me going a little bit.
But all of you have answered my main question for me about the information available. Thanks!
I have done 2 programs so far - blinking LED and “Hello world.” using the Serial Monitor. I think I’m really going to enjoy my Arduino Uno.
Also, it meant a lot to me that you guys took the time to help me out as I’m getting started.