Is there a manual I can download?


I have played with the Basic Stamp and have started several projects, but it wasn't fast enough and I couldn't afford enough of them to be useful, so I have been stymied, but then I stumbled onto the Arduino in Make Magazine and I am pretty excited about it. But, where is the documentation? Unless I'm missing something, there isn't anything except the HTML documentation. Have I missed something?


The Arduino Environment comes with the core parts of the HTML documentation: the howto, API reference, etc, which should be enough to get you going. There's a more comprehensive booklet in progress. It's not quite ready for public release, but I'll email you a copy of the draft.

I'd like this manual too!! please-...

Here's one you can download that will give you examples of most of the basic code, including some of the variables used in the Arduino environment:
I printed this one out, since it's basically just text, doesn't waste an ish-ton of ink, and it's a good reference, gave one to my friend so he can start learning before he even gets his board :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, here's an AWESOME book that will give you some basic code, and pictures for examples on how to hook up the hardware with the code. Explains in detail all the code and hardware setups that are used, and he adds to it every so often.

You should just save a copy, or you'll find yourself running back to the website to load it while you're trying to work. :smiley: