Is there a package available which includes a...

I’m looking for a package that is more or less complete and ready to program that has the following abilities :

  • Arduino controller (obviously!)
  • Touch display or a display that has buttons on it possibly – color preferred but not absolutely required
  • Ability to have other external inputs for thermistors and other sensors
  • Ability to store results for later upload to home computer (wirelessly or not)
    This would be for use by a vehicle and it would be initially used to monitor transmission temps provided by thermistors. I’d like the s/w to display calculated temps on the provided screen but to also collect them for later graphing once the vehicle is back at home.

From the reading I’ve done it seems like the fancier displays seem to suck up much/most of the inputs provided on most of the controller boards such that there is little or no I/O space available for reading thermistors et-al.

I’d also prefer to purchase, if possible, a setup that is ready to go and I don’t have to spend a bunch of time fiddling with LCD interfaces… What would be really slick is a Arduino mounted to the back (back-to-back) of an LCD display such that you provide one source of power and your inputs and you’re ready to program… Am I wishing for too much?? :wink:

Liquidware do color touch screen shields that only use arduino pins 2 and 3.

Looks like what I’m looking for but it seems like it might be too small – otherwise right on target… Let me know if you know of any about 2x that size… From what I can tell the item above is smaller than a 9v battery… I guess I’d prefer something in the 3" range if at all possible…

Liquidware has a larger one as well:

Thanks… My only peeve with that one is the price… I’d love to have the arduino platform as I’m sure it is very frugal in terms of power use… However, for more than $50US less than the above display, I can get a full ARM9 controller with touchscreen that’s ready to go – ala the mini35 line that you can read about here. I guess if I want to stick with the arduino line then I’ll probably have to ditch the idea of a larger color display + touchscreen and live with something less for now… The tools seem really nice on this side… The other side requires me to probably write code for linux unless I want to install WinCE or something else… Not so sure I like that idea…

By the way… I’ve got a damaged iPhone that I’d love to repurpose – the display is trashed as it was likely tossed out the window of a moving car. The guts are fine and it powers up & responds to iTunes, but is otherwise unusable. If it’s possible to interface an Arduino to this such that it could be the display and have the arduino do the thermistor interfacing, that’d be fine by me… Any suggestions on that would be appreciated…

The LiquidWare product is actually closer to this one :

Also note that ARM products use an LCD, LiquidWare uses the much nicer OLED technology.

Yea, the cost is a bit high, but it has it’s own processor to handle all of the graphics processing separately. While it’s not an Arduino per se, it has an ATmega 2560 on board. Compared to the 382 that gives you 8* the flash, and 4* the eprom and sram. I’d guess that it’s pretty snappy as a ui, since you’re not doing any of the graphics work on the Arduino.

You may want to think about something like a older Win Mobile Phone / PDA for the touch / output portion of the job. You can probably pick one up on eBay (search ppc 6700) for relatively little money compared to what you get, and you could use Bluetooth to communicate via the com port.

I haven’t actually gotten to the point of controlling the Arduino yet, but I have written a .NET app that sits on my Win Mobil phone and can display the GPS output my Arduino is sending via Serial Bluetooth. From a control and communication standpoint, anything that can be done on a PC via a serial port could be done on my phone.

Thanks for the replies! I will certainly not argue about the LCD vs OLED display differences… They are vast from what I can tell. In my particular application I’d probably opt for LCD for longevity since the liquidware OLED displays have some issues with burn-in for certain colors (blue in particular) from what I’ve read on their site. I guess I like the fact that I don’t need a full-blown OS for the arduino’s like I would for the bigger boards besides the power hungry nature of them (the bigger boards). I’ll revisit my options some more and check out the ppc 6700 option as well! Thanks all!