Is there a panel mount bezel for the popular 16x2 LCD's?

I'm looking for an way to mount the popular 16x2 LCD

Someone has to make/sell a bezel to mount this thing in a project box? I don't want to just hack a rectangle in the box and have crappy looking edges and a poor fit. Given the number of these displays being sold.... there must be a mounting option for them?

Yes there is. I recall that they are about $10 each.

Any help finding it? Ive searched and looked at all of the places I know adafruit/sparkfun/etc

How about this

This one looks pretty good.

This one looks pretty good.

.... and this one from that source has given me an idea, so thanks for that link.

look up yeggi or thingiverse and get one 3d printed or a few and sell them