Is there a Programmer Board for ATTiny available?

Hi friends..

I do know, how I can programm a ATTIny via Arduino UNO. But, is there another way to programm it ? Is there a special board where u can just plug the Attiny on the programmer, and upload codes via Arduino IDE.

I am looking for a special ATTiny (14 DIP) like this one here:

I know, that there are ProgrammingBoards for ATTiny 45,25,85, but these ones have not much PINS available..

help me please :frowning:

I am a beginner, and my aim is to programm a somethink which is small like you can see on the link above...

maybe this:

The product you linked to is only a breakout board for the ATtiny44. It does not provide any programming capabilities. However, it does have an ICSP header, which will make it easy to connect an external programmer to the ATtiny44. So you should also buy an AVR ISP programmer to go with this board. My favorite is the USBasp with the 6 pin cable, like this:
You can get the USBasp with the 10 pin cables for cheaper, but if you get one of those don't forget that you also need to buy a 10 pin to 6 pin ICSP cable converter because the ICSP header on that ATtiny44 board (and all other Arduino boards I've ever seen) is the 6 pin style. So you should be happy with any USBasp programmer you buy, but the 6 pin style is a little bit more convenient to use for most Arduino applications.

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What core are you using? The best core that I have found is the ATTinyCore core by Spence Konde. That page has a programming page with useful information.

I will use this core too (i have to checkout first how it works :wink: )

Thank you falk ! You have helped me out.

You're welcome.

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