Is there a reason Uno would work while Pro Mini wouldn't?

Hi, I finished a project on the breadboard recently. It works fine when I use my Uno board but when I tried just now to use an Arduino Pro Mini (5V, 16 MHz) most of the components remained dead. There are 2 rgb leds, 3 small motors and a piezo buzzer and I'm worried that there isn't enough current for them all, especially since only the leds and the piezo were working at all (though not the way they were supposed to be?) But a google search left me uncertain so I thought I'd confirm that that's the issue and not something fixable.

Post your schematic and post your code.

And for good measure, some perfectly focused photographs.

Please post them as links to a reputable photo server (imgur seems to be usable) - do not use the "Attachments and other options" function under the preview window; it does not work properly for many of us.

the pro-mini and the UNO use the exact same micro-controller. SOME of the pro-mini boards also offer access to 2 additional analog ports.

the most confusing part is that almost all the pin locations are different. I believe a throw-back to when the BasicStamp was the king and most boards were me-too replacements.

the answer to your question is that there is no technical reason, and no power reason, and no board design reason for your project to have problems.

the most probable reason is that you are using a board that is not matched to the pin-out you think it should have. there are a vast array of pro-mini boards and many are not plug and play for each other.

post CLEARLY FOCUSED - CLOSE UPs of the pro-mini along with your schematic.