Is there a Recomended Linux to put on Laptops to then develop Arduino code

I have a few Laptops that i am going to re-image with Linux. i don;t have a lot of experience, but was planning on putting the latest Ubuntu on them, and then potentially use the latest codebender in a browser.

My goal is to have a set of Laptops I can use in a "SteAm" based class I teach at the local middle schools and my Boy Scouts.

Anyone have a better idea, or recommendation?

  1. What would be the "best" Linux image to use?
  2. pointers to docs on getting the Arduino IDE running?
  3. Instructions on getting Codebender working on Linux with the right drivers installed?

-- Jim

Ubuntu is a bit better supported than Debian, but in the end all Debian flavours are alike.

Since I really don’t like the touch screen interface (don’t have a touch screen) I wouldn’t recommend the new Gnome interface and Ubuntu.

I’m currently using Linux Mint. This comes in versions with Cinnamon and MATE and Debian and Ubuntu. If you don’t mind reinstalling your computer every 1~2 years, it’s better to go with Ubuntu. If you’re going to heavily customize your system and are able to fix breakages on major updates, I’d go with Debian which is supposed to be a rolling distro (you can keep updating instead of reinstalling).

The difference between Cinnamon and MATE is the version of Gnome. The new version (cinnamon) has a lot more native support for acceleration and will look and feel a lot nicer, but on older computers (or old graphics cards) it will be quite slow.

I always install MATE on single core computers or Atoms etc.