Is there a sensor capable of this?

I am brand new to Arduino and need some advice. I have a project where I need to sense a wire being advanced through a tube.

The concept is to have a 1-2 cm diameter clear plastic tubing approximately 60 cm in length with sensors every 10 cm. This setup would be placed in an enclosure except for one open end of the tubing. An operator would place a wire through the open end of the tubing and advance the wire through the tubing. I would like to sense the wire as it passes by a sensor and have an LED light up notifying the user that they have advanced the wire to the consecutive lengths 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, etc.

Are there any sensors available that would be able to sense the wire passing through the clear plastic tubing?

Thank you for your time.

maybe feed it though two wheels and watch one with a rotary encoder?

Perfect! Thank you.