is there a sensor that can measure temperature of 500-1500 celsius

new to arduino I have a project that working I’ve been looking and the highest temp I can find is 380 cel.

to explain the application
1- the sensor needs to look at a piece of metal heated by open flame and
2- rotate a stepper
3- and the stepper must complete a revolution at the same time the piece reaches temperature (800 cel)

I have all the other parts but the temperature sensing ability a thermocouple would not work in this sense as there will be a new piece of metal every 2-10 seconds

any help would be greatly appreachiated

Would an infrared detector work?


Challenging application. Do you really need max 1500C? You mention the piece reaches temp at 800C. What kind of accuracy? Precision?

A K thermocouple (if only you could use one) could get you +- 10 degrees, +- 4 if you carefully calibrate the system. I can't think of any DIY non-contact solution that could come anywhere close to that.

If ballpark temperature is good enough, then - use a camera: the colour of the metal tells you the temperature. The metal will radiate in the visible spectrum above about 600 degrees, and the colour will shift from deep red to yellow/white by about 1300. At 800 it will be cherry red. In other words, use a camera to estimate the temperature the same way blacksmiths have done for centuries. Of course you need serious IR (heat) filtering and your temp estimate will be very ballpark.

One big improvement would be to use a spectrometer - which you can make yourself (for example see instructions here. Also noodle around on the website - it's a great resource). Just replace the webcam with a camera module you can connect to your hardware.

A pyrometer is often used to measure temperatures of 1500 C and higher.

Some inexpensive (e.g. type K) thermocouples work up to 1200 C; very expensive ones like platinum/rhodium work up to 1400 C.