Is there a simple LCD menu with encoder program with just LiquidCrystal?

I tried adding the missing parts to this code:

It worked, somewhat–but not really. The read_encoder() was switched with the read_buttons().

Attached is this edited version.

MegaTestignAreaThrice.ino (11.4 KB)

Hello there!

Can you give a more detailed description of what happened when you ran your code. Also, could you run the base code for the buttons that you got and see what that gives you?

On page two (the link above) of the 'simple LCD menu' several people note how the read_encoder() function probably went missing on an update.

Now the rotary encoder does nothing. (I have been trying a lot of new things.)

Also, I don't think it's a problem, but it times out after 20 seconds (from the menuTimeout). So it (expectedly) does this:image2 ...seconds after screen change