Is there a simple menu example for Adafruit RGB LCD Shield with use for A. Uno?

I am very new and pretty much clueless, not sure where to start.
Is there any simple, general example of a menu setup for an Adafruit 16x2 LCD?

I just want a simple 4 item menu, then if you press a button, it’ll bring you its respective sub-menu and then you can pick another button etc

I currently kind of piggy backed off the ‘Hello World’ example, as this is the only thing I have gotten to even upload. I have gotten my main menu down, but once I press the button for my sub menu, it acts as I’m still in the main menu, when I am not.

I have been loosing my mind googling and downloading other menu examples and nothing has been working. I always receive some error and am utterly clueless.

Any help would be very greatly appreciated.

I suggest you just code a few functions to handle your needs.

This is the first hit when I googled “arduino lcd menu library”: