Is there a single board, USB stepper AND servo controller board out there?

Not really an Arduino specific question but I figured you all would know the answer.

I have an Arduino-based project that uses one bipolar stepper motor, and one servo motor. At present I'm using an Arduino Uno and the Adafruit motor shield.

The problem is that the Uno+shield is pretty large and I don't need any of the other features the Arduino brings. The ONLY thing this project does is control a stepper and a servo from a Windows program that communicate to the Arduino by USB. Would like to replace the whole thing with something more compact to keep the overall project size at a minimum.

I looked at Adafruit's feather products but as best I can tell I'd need to stack a stepper wing and a servo wing on the base, and basically wind up with something about as tall as the Uno + motor shield anyway.

I don't necessarily need to use the Arduino IDE or programming environment. If there's some documented API and library for the board, that's fine.

I see a handful of simple USB controller boards out there that will take care of steppers OR servos (and often a lot of either) but none that will do both.

In a perfect world, there's a single board solution out there that has a USB connector, a header for a servo motor, a header for a stepper motor, a power connector for the motors, and nothing else except a basic well-documented library/Windows driver/API in C. And it's not $700.

I don't have the knowledge/talent to roll my own with a custom PCB and solder a bunch of components together, and unfortunately I don't have the spare time to learn how (maybe someday).


You don't need a driver board for a servo.

AFAIK the Adafruit motor shield is not ideal for stepper motors and the specialized stepper drivers like the Pololu A4988 or DRV8825 are very much smaller.

However those drivers don't simply plug into an Arduino. The only boards I am aware of into which you can plug an A4988 are designed for 4 of them (for a 3D printer) and they need an Uno or Mega.

It would not be too difficult to put together a circuit board using stripboard (veroboard) for (say) a Nano and an A4988. Certainly much simpler than designing and etching a custom PCB.

Before buying a stepper driver make sure it can handle the current required by your motor.

Specialized stepper drivers have the big advantage that they can use higher voltages to get better performance from the motor.

...R Stepper Motor Basics Simple Stepper Code

Ah, of course. Servo just needs power, ground, and PWM from a digital i/o pin.

I don't see an Arduino Nano any more ... the Arduino site says it's retired.

But there's an Arduino Micro being sold by Adafruit. It seems that plus the Polulu A4988 ought to have me covered in a much smaller package.