Is there a standalone nrf52840 core?

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Was recently looking at the nano 33 ble. Looks like a wonderful progression towards more demanding programs in a tiny chip - with bluetooth!

looking at the nrf52840 datasheet it appears that the 33 does not breakout all the available pins (although the 33 sense may account this with all the onboard sensors).

not wanting the sensors available on the 33 sense, just looking for the extra GPIO's and the massive increase of program space and of course the inc BLE, is there a devboard with all the pins available within the arduino ide?

if not is there a core which can be used with the e73-2G4M08S1C?

I don't have a definite answer for you, but I can recommend that you take a look at this core:

The other one I know of is this:

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It looks like there are many nrf52 development boards, all with their own twist - even arduino. but going on what arduino has shown me (i.e. basic breakouts without attached sensors) would have thought they would market the nrf52 chip in the standard that made them, or a version of - and let the end user choose the peripherals. Although the 33 ble is very good and i shouldn’t make a fuss - maybe an uno type board - clearly identifying pins - on the top side for beginners - and keep standards - standard.

Im not bitchin but maybe i am

GitHub - sandeepmistry/arduino-nRF5: Arduino Core for Nordic Semiconductor nRF5 based boards doesn't support nrf52840, because it can't be supported together with nRF51 MCUs in one boards package. there is no Nordic SDK version compatible with both

As noted the original Arduino nano 33 BLE core processor IS the nRF52840 it should be possible to create a custom core using this existing core as the starting point. I haven looked in to creating custom cores for a long time, but I remember it being quite straightforward. At least the 33BLE shows its possible.

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