Is there a Timer#n library

I have an Arduino 2560 with a series of sensors. I want to transmit the values of these sensors via a rf module ( APC220 ), at approximately every 10 seconds. I have written a function to do this when called. I want to use timer 3 to call this function. The more I search on the web, the more confused I get. The timer2 library makes it easy but seems only for timer 2 which as I understand the example, does not extend to near enough time. Is there a generic timer library which allows you to use any timer? Jim

Not that I am aware of. Never dived deep into the details of the timers but I know some timers have specific functions but recently someone had changed the timer behind the millis and the micros succesfully (to free a specific pin)

You should check the 328 datasheet I'm afraid ...