Is there a usable file system?

Unfortunately I can't find anything about a file system to the Arduino RP2040 Connect. There is something called "littlefs" deep in the mbed folder. How can you use that?

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Hi @RudolfAtRTC

Hope it's not too late.

You can find the example how to use LittleFS with ArduinoCore-mbed inside WiFiManager_NINA_Lite_RP2040.h of my WiFiManager_NINA_Lite Library and DoubleResetDetector_Generic.h

If you'd like, I can write and post a simple example to demo how to use LittleFS in ArduinoCore-mbed

What media is it for?

  • A built-in SPI flash
  • An external block device (one of SPI flash, DataFlash or an SD card).
  • Simulated on a heap block device on boards with enough RAM.


  1. LittleFileSystem
  2. LittleFS - A high-integrity embedded file system

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