Is there a voltage transformer 10V to 24V (for using it with Controllino Mega)

I'd like to connect an anemometer to my Controllino Mega. The Problem is: The output voltage of the anemometer is 0...10 V (0...10 m/s), but my Controllinos input range is 0...12V or 0...24V. Since I'm using some stepper motors with 24V, I'd like to run all my devices that are connected to the Controllino with 24V.

Yes, it would be possible to connect the anemometer directly to the Controllino's input pin, but I would lose my 10bit resolution.



For the best solution, you need to know what kind of signal is generated by that anemometer.
If it is just a linear voltage, you need to amplify it.
This can be done by a few transistors, or you could use ready to use modules for that.
If the signal is different from that, you might need to add some other components to smooth it out.