Is There a Way to Connect Arduino Ethernet Shield R3 to Arduino Duemilanove R1?


OK so I have just received my Arduino Ethernet shield R3 and I currently have a new Arduino R3 on it's way. However as you can probably guess I want to get stuck right in now but I only have what I believe is a Arduino Duemilanove R1 to hand at the moment and so was hoping there would be a way to make them work together jut for the time being maybe via a breadboard or some other means?

My Arduino was a 2009 purchase and when the Ethernet shield is placed on top it have four or so spare pins that do not connect to the Arduino and almost touch the boards components. I did Google the issue but it didn't turn up much helpful info.

Thanks in advance,


The extra pins near AREF are I2C pins (SDA,SCL) because on the Leonardo they don't share the A4 and A5 pins. I think on the Arduino UNO R3 they are connected to A4 and A5. The Ethernet shield doesn't need them and probably just passes them though.

The extra pins near RST are IOREF and Spare. I don't think the Ethernet shield needs them either.

Put some tape over the components that might be hit by the spare pins.

Should work just fine!

Brilliant thanks for the quick reply, I will definitely give this a try! Looks like I didn't need to fork out for a new Arduino after all... Ah well you can never have to many Arduino's! :smiley: