Is there a way to free a Serial COM Port?

Hello everyone,

I have a arduino fio, that I borrowed from my university. So it is pre loaded with a sketch. So when I configure two new xbees series 2 modules, they are talking to each other. But when I try uploading a new sketch I get the ‘Serial Com Port already in use’ error.

So I check around to see why am I getting the error. There is nothing else connected to my ports and I have verified this with device manager. But then I saw the x-ctu terminal and there is bunch of data coming in. I believe this is why I am getting the error. So is there a way that I can free this port or stop the data from coming in so I can upload a new sketch.

Thank you.,66288.0.html

Where in device manager does it tell you what software applications are using the COM ports?

So I checked my XBEE on the explorer with the X-CTU.

I'm not familiar with what X-CTU and such are, but from the sound of it, you are sending queries to your Xbee over a COM port. Since I already (tried to) explain the error message is from the OS about the OS's serial port, there is some software ON THE PC that using the "Serial Port."

Now, I am making the assumption that your "Serial Port In Use" message is coming from the Arduino IDE when you try to upload. As I explained before, you won't get that error message if your ATmega's serial port is in use.