Is there a way to make Arduino react to changes in display being streamed?

Hi guys! so what i wanted to do is to play the game "Bloodborne" its a playstation 4 exclusive meaning you can only run it with a PS4, what i wanted to do is while im playing the game everytime an enemy hits me i get sprayed by fake blood in real life using an arduino. so i imagined that in games running in pc you can easily do it by messing with the games program to give a signal to the arduino everytime your character is hit. but the only way you can play Bloodborne on a PC is by streaming the game to your PC through Playstation Remote play, so i have another idea, what if you can make a program that checks the pixels of your health bar being streamed and everytime it changes it triggers the arduino to spray fake blood. its like this guys video Sprayed with Blood Every Time I Get Hit in Dark Souls - YouTube my question now is if its possible or not? and how i can do it? thank you to anyone who can help. :slight_smile:

Your questions all relate to programming on your PC, not an Arduino question until you get the PC program working so it can send data to an Arduino and you have a lot of research and programming to do before that happens.