Is there a way to program C

Hi every one

is there a way i can program in C using the arduino bootloader. i want to use my arduino for a project but that project requires C programs and it would be good if i could just use the bootloader.

i dont really want to have to mess around with reprogramming the bootloader after i am finished or when i use arduino functionality.



Arduino programs are C programs.

The bootloader will load just about any well-formed Intel hex file given to it.

What are you trying to do?

ah sorry i missed the point, my bad

i am talking about straight C, not the arduino version of C.

Arduino programs are C programs - I'm not aware of any features of C that it lacks, or differs significantly from the C standard.
(I am aware of a few features of C++ that it lacks).

C programs have a "main", so do Arduino programs - it's just that you don't see it.

What features of C were you thinking about?

i just found what i am looking for, i am still not the best coder and didnt recognize a arduino function that i need.

thanks for your help.(sorry for wasting your time)