Is there a way to reset HC-06?


I have a problem with my HC-06 Bluetooth module.

Paring and connecting to the bluetooth works fine, although I cannot recieve or transmite anything, nor can I program it using Arduino.

I tried to use different HC-06 and both programming and connection worked just fine.

So, I assume that problem is in the TX and RX lines.

I tried to reset the module by pooling the pin 11 to low, but it did not work.

Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You might find the following background notes useful

I find the vendor datasheet helpful and void of some misleading information.

The HC-06 module is pretty versatile, but most devices on the market are build only with RS232 / serial access.
The HC-06 has a reset / rst I/O pin but it is doubtful that is is the same as "key" or "Wake-up" pins on the RS232 BT device interface pins. .

I have not found single "how to use BT " explaining functions of "Key" or "Wake-up".

One article recommended to keep the "key" at level (?) , don't remember if HIGH or LOW, during BT power up than change it to opposite to "initialize ".

From that it seems that both ( KEY or Wake-up) can be used to initialize the serial connection with BT, the question remains does that means Arduino , as it case may be , to BT serial / modem connection or Arduino to other BT device

It won't cause no harm to try there signals ( Key or Wake-up) , maybe they can function as kind of reset.

Good luck