Is there a way to update Arduino uno Over The Air

I have the Arduino uno with a Ethernet W5100 Shield and would like to remotely sketches. Is there a way to update Arduino uno over the air? If not, is there a wired network arduino solution that will allow update over the air.

I've done this on the esp8266 using there tools but I can't find one for the Uno.

Well it’s not really accurate to say “over the air” with Ethernet but here it is:


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Another option is to use a Raspberry Pi Zero. I have been working on a board to use them with my projects. I connect the RX/TX lines from the Pi Zero to an Uno's TX/RX. The RTS line from the Pi can be used in place of DTR for bootloading (it needs a .1uF capacitor like DTR as well).

I have some notes from the last time I set up a Pi.

One of my wants was to be able to build and upload from a headless connection so that I did not have to forward a raw serial port over a network that I have a trust issue with.

esp-link running on an ESP8266 can flash an AVR over WiFi. See esp-link uC Flashing

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In the above link someone mentioned that it was done via Bluetooth becouse its serial.

I would be interesed to upload sketches via atmega32u4's second serial port via an rs485 link.
Would this be possible?

Probably. Need a bootloader change to look for a start sequence over that port and then to receive the data and load it.

@Watcher: do you mean to use the 32u4 as a bridge, i.e. the host on its USB can upload the image (hex file) through the 32u4 to a remote rs485 device (perhaps a 328p)?

If so the problem that I am aware of is control of the transceiver, which has a line that has to be controlled to talk, and another for listening (though it can always be on).

Since the upload starts with avrdude I would look there and see if someone has done a protocol that works with RS-485 and how avrdude controls that talk line. My guess is the avr109 protocol may have a way to control the transceiver, if so then have a look at xboot for the bootloader which I seem to recall has RS-485.