is there an Arduino example for Delphi?

Hi there,

has anybody tried to use an Arduino with Delphi yet? Are there any examples available?


Hello there, i found this piece of code its for Delphi and Lazarus (free pascal), It supose to control the level of brightness of a LED thru the pin 7 of arduino Board. But for some reason it didnt work for me.

Example comes with Arduino Code and Delphi/Lazarus Project. Maybe you can make it run (if so, please tell me how hehe).
Theres no need to use SerialProxy, the code uses Synaser to communicate directly to the port.

Good Luck and cheers.

This is Just an update on this Delphi issue.

I managed to make a working example (it works pretty good) on Delphi 7 using ComPort VLC component to control a series of LEDs thru Serial COMM :wink:

Software example with source code, Arduino code and ComPort VLC, all available on my site to download

Im preparing another example that reads Serial Data from a Temp Sensor on Arduino to Display it on Delphi Host. Stay Tuned.

Any question, just shoot (im not an expert but sure we can manage to solve any issue).

Looks like this Delphi interfacing with arduino interest is kinda dead on the forums, anyway

The "Read Arduino Sensor Temperature with Delphi" example is ready :slight_smile:

All sources are available at my site.

Hope someone will find it usueful.

Thanks for this. I am very interested in pursuing Dephi with Arduino. I just started so I'll post anything I find in this forum.

Betamatiz: what Delphi do you use?

Hi there, i used Delphi 7 on Windows XP, have you checked my code? was it useful? Cheers.

I do a lot of Delphi development, so if you have any specific questions I can probably help.

You might like the Async Pro library for Delphi serial port interfacing:

Betamatiz, I use Delphi 2007 and XP and did grab your code: it was very useful! I'm a database programmer by trade and this hardware stuff is new to me. Thanks again and I'll post back anything I find may be useful.

DaveK: what are your main projects? I work in water and waste water utilities and I'm looking into creating some devices for monitoring equipment such as temprature, water flow, pH levels... etc.

This is all very exciting and I'm glad I found all this info!

I've been doing professional Delphi development for about 15 years, so I've been through a number of industries. Probably the most relevant would be a project I worked on years ago to read data from an AMB transponder system to do automotive timing and scoring.

It was a fun project. The AMB system uses battery powered radio transponders on the cars (or horses, whatever you're racing) that pass over an antenna loop. The antenna is connected to a pricey box that does some fancy calculations to decide precisely when the transponders are passing over the center of the loop. It then sends data about the transponder crossings to the computer over the serial port.

My program would read the data and display a variety of data about the order of the cars on the track, best times, number of laps, etc.

I haven't been doing a lot of hardware interfacing lately, but my current interfacing project is to collect, process and display data from the OpenAMR project.

A bit above me for now DaveK. I've been using Delphi for only about 6 years now to write GIS mapping programs for utilities, municipalites and natural resource clients. The only hardware I've had to deal with is GPS units and I just have to recieve data from the GPS, easy stuff.

This Arduino platform is very intriguing for not just work use but for hobby/home use.

Just out of curiosity, what are you using for GIS work? I've worked with ESRI's component set before for geocoding addresses, but at the time (late 1990's I think) their components weren't very good.

Do you have an opinion on serial port libraries for Delphi? It's been a while since I've looked at what is available.

As far as GIS I mainly use Delphi and a third party component called TatukGIS. It's amazing, cheap, royalty free, and is VERY versitle. Connects to ESRI, AutoCAD, ArcGIS server; you name it. If you look into it tell them Eric Meadows sent you. They'll give some attention! They are in Poland and they're support is the best. I think they have someone there 24hrs and I believe there's only 3 or 4 developers...! Also look on ESRI's ArcScript site for Delphi componets. There's a developer there that has written the bible on using ESRI in Delphi.

I just found your post about serial port libraries I just use the connection that comes with the TatukGIS kernel. I've only just found your recomendation and Betamatiz from previous posts.

Trade me your knowledge of Arduino and I can help you with GIS; I've been doing GIS for about 15 years now.

lol, not sure you want my Arduino knowledge, I haven't been doing it long.

Certainly willing to take a shot though.

I have a Arduino Duemilanove which I am trying to get to work with Delphi. I am unable to get the program to control digital ports but can connect successfully and the Rx LED flashes so something is reaching the Arduino. Can anyone help?

Do you have some LEDs connected to digital pins 2 though 6?

Have you loaded the delphi_leds.pde sketch to the Duemilanove?

Are you able to turn the LEDs on and off using the checkboxes in the 'Delphi LEDs Control' application?

Doc: whats your specific problem? can't you download the code from my website? can't compile it? or you did both but cannot make it work? im currently overseas and all my hardware its at home but if i can help ill be glad to do it :wink:

Thanks. I have now overcome the problem by delving into the code. I assumed that the Delphi program was using the Firmata protocol. After looking again at the problem - I am not able to understand Spanish and therefore couldn't follow all the instructions on the website or I was being a bit gung-ho- I realized that the Delphi program needed a program on the arduino to read the serial port data sent from the connected PC. After I had uploaded the Processing language program to the arduino I got the LEDs to work. Thanks again for the offer to help.
Best wishes

Thanks DaveK. I have now solved the problem.I had been trying unsuccessfully to get the programming language Scratch working with the arduino, using the catenary interface program. This uses the Firmata protocol which, unless I have misunderstood, allows a program in the PC to send command lines for immeditae interpretation to the arduino. I assumed that the Delphi program operated similarly. But I discovered late last night this wasn't the case. I uploaded the pde program (I had overlooked in my endeavours what the purpose of this was) and everything worked. Of course,this program reads the serialport from the arduino end . Many thanks, Best wishes Doc. PS If anyone can shed light on why the Scratch-catenary cobinatuon didn't work for me a lot of 12-13 year-old students of mine and my colleagues would benefit.

I just read up on Scratch and Catenary. Interesting system. If you are still interested in using it I can probably help you to get it going.

Also, if you wanted to use Delphi in place of Catenary to receive Scratch broadcasts to talk to Firmata on the Arduino I could probably get something going for you.