is there an example or project done.. 2 Serveos powered by 2 Toggle Switchs

We did have stuff like this in the 80's... I had the Motorola 68HC11EVM dev board. It is a single chip MCU not unlike the AVR but more primitive. I interfaced an IR remote to it, and we used it to control a robot at the uni (actually we basically cloned it on a proto board). The main thing lacking vs. now was the development software - programming was all in assembly and C compilers were available, but expensive.

oh wow eh .. wel i know in college 97-2000 was doing machine code hexidecmail.

but thats cool.. i was only lik 10 yrs old in 80s when i was playing with that kit and c64

but thats cool to know.. never really knew there was that sutff in the 80s..

and i dunno what kit is good i saw this one now

there is different kids and different arduinos lol like i know raspberry pis 4 is better then 3 lol but i dont know for hte arduinos lol

but least things going well i impressed i could do this lol

did motorola make everything back then too.. as they seem to make alot of things

Uno is good for learning. For wiring into a permanent project, the Nano is generally preferred - they are (nearly) functionally identical but the Nano form factor is easier to build into a circuit board with other components.

oh ok cool as i then read a another a mega 25 something size doesnt matter so i go with the uno then ant there was a atmega its smiller then uno but longer i noticed on amazon

another question
for the 5 volt voltage drop is this one oke its a 4 pack it has more chips on it then the 7805 transistor

i just looking up stuff now to order to build this project since it seems to be working and they say order now if you want it before xmas as amazon getting busy lol

or if that isnt good... what would be a good voltage step down you guys recommend to power the rasp berry pi and 2 servos..

or would this be good

and if not since you guys are the experts maybe you can send me a link whats on amazon that be good to give all 3 the 5 volts

also i kinda confused.. i was told earlier in this post the board uses 5volts then i see the kits offter 9volts

and then i read it uses 7-12 volts.. so could i run then 12 volts from a car battery directly to the plugin for the arduino.. as i was looking how much it drew power