Is there another forum for discussing MariaMole?

The title says it all


Is that Arduino related at all?

I'm sorry, Crossroads, you asked a good question.

I am using the SainSmart Mega 2560.

I guess that is an Arduino derivative.


And what is MariaMole?

MariaMole is another IDE that competes with the Arduino IDE.

The Arduino IDE (in an attempt to make it easier for the new user,) hides too much stuff from the user so it makes it very difficult to understand what is going on.

MariaMole is not as complex as the Atmel Studio (that is overly complex) but shows you more then Arduino.


Thanks for the info.
Not sure "competes" is the right word, maybe alternative would be better.
I can't open from here. Does it have libraries for common things also? What parts are supported?

Mostly, it uses the very libraries that come with Arduino. In fact it is requires Arduino be installed first and you tell MariaMole where Arduino is.

It is just a different IDE.

I want to get into a little more detail on MM, and just think the Arduino forum is not the proper place for that.